Luckily nowadays, computers are often beautifully crafted objects. Unfortunately, our busy desks tend to overshadow this beautiful craftsmanship. To help reduce this clutter and add a bit of style in same time, we would like to introduce our product, The Stand.


The Stand is a simple, elegant and meaningful computer stand. It's low profile form is designed to gracefully raise the computer/monitor and add storage slot underneath. It's thoughtfully produced to bring the computer/monitor to more ergonomically friendly rest at eye-level height. It's edge curvature complements each side which are carefully milled in the process to allow brushed aluminium plate to sit inside and create a seamless design.


The Stand is available in 3 solid wood finishes: Walnut, Mahogany and Oak, each complemented with a classy touch of brushed aluminium.



" As a carpenter hobbyist, I always loved to connect wood and aluminium. I personally think that each one of those two totally different materials are the best complement to one another. Together, they simply create the most elegant design possible.


Idea of The Stand came to me when I was searching for a low profile computer stand for my desk. I simply couldn’t find the right object. There were many options available which were made from laminates, plastics or metals yet so few crafted in solid wood. At this point I knew that I had to make one myself.


Luckily, my manufacturing background together with my family’s furniture production expertise could only end up being the trigger to the idea of mass production. The Stand will be Arcrey's very first product and I couldn't be more excited to begin our journey as part of Kickstarter.  "

Daniel Kujawa | Founder and Designer



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